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As a research associate in the laboratory of Prof. J. Kent. Blasie, I investigate protein thin films (molecular monolayers) chiefly by means of x-ray and neutron scattering. The thin film geometry enables the sructural characterization of proteins in an environment that allows them to function, making it convenient for studying basic biophysical questions as well as for the development of synthetic proteins as components of novel materials. My work involves the synthesis of proteins, the fabrication of monolayer and multilayer samples by various techniques, and the development of new techniques in scattering.

For my dissertation, I made and characterized thin films (molecular monolayers) of a synthetic peptide designed to be a useful model system for studying electron transfer in naturally occurring proteins. I applied x-ray scattering techniques (reflectivity, GID, interferometry and holography) to characterize the structure of these films, both at the air/water interface and on solid supports.

Take a look at the homepages of my collaborators, Prof. P. Leslie Dutton and the Dutton group, who have designed the peptides that I am studying.

Here are two idealized representations of the maquette peptide based on model atomic coordinates courtesy of Dr. Brian Gibney. Click on the images to see them full-size. Or click for some VRML images that you can manipulate yourself!

The basic unit synthesized is a 31-mer that is mostly alpha-helical, except for a flexible region of three glycine residues that connects the alpha-helix to the cysteine residue at the N-terminus (In the schematic representation on the right, the peptide is indicated in cyan). Under basic conditions, disulfide bridges (yellow) form, creating homodimers of the peptide: (alpha-S-S-alpha). The apposed histidine residues of the two alpha-helices (green) form two bis-His binding sites for heme groups (magenta). In solution, two dimers associate into a four-helix bundle: (alpha-S-S-alpha)2 (Robertson, 1994). More recently, hydrophobic moieties (palmitic acid, shown in gray) were added to the peptide by means of a peptide bond between the carboxyl group of the fatty acid and the N-terminal cysteine residue. This enhances the stability of monolayers formed from the peptide. (Chen, 1998). In the groups shown explicitly, oxygen atoms appear red, nitrogen appears blue and sulfur appears yellow.

The Experimental Progress Report Summary that we submitted for 1997-1998 provides a brief overview of our work on maquette peptide Langmuir films at Beamline X22B of the National Synchrotron Light Source. It gives you an idea of the information we obtain from studying monolayers of these proteins at the air/water interface using the liquid surface spectrometer.

I have been involved with commissioning the new liquid surface spectrometer and Langmuir trough that are part of the facilities at CMC-CAT at the Advanced Photon Source, a third generation synchrotron source at Argonne National Lab. We have expanded the capabilities of the instrument for Grazing-Incidence Diffraction through the use of a CCD-based area detector and developed resonant x-ray reflectivity at the air-water interface. I am currently working on interferometric techniques for Langmuir monoalyers and on in situ methods for further characterization of the monolayers that complement our scattering techniques.

I have prepared a partial bibliography about maquette peptides (with links to the full texts).

A full(er) bibliography of the Dutton group's papers on maquettes and other topics is available from their homepage. Click here to go there.


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